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Frequency: Yearly


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TThe Martin Benka Price is awarded annually to honour work in the field of theory, criticism and history of Slovak fine arts.It has been conferred annually since 1973 by the Council of the Visual Arts Fund, based on the advice of the Martin Benka Trust Committee at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (VŠVU) and Benka' s last will, in honour of the distinguished Slovak painter, graphic artist and illustrator Martin Benka (b 21 September 1888 Kiripolec, today's Kostolište – d 28 June 1971 Malacky). The prize is presented to significant Slovak artists, art theoreticians, and academy undergraduates: one prize for artistic work in the field of painting, sculpture and graphic art, one prize for work in the theory, criticism, and history of Slovak fine arts that will contribute to the development and promotion of Slovak fine arts, particularly with regard to the lifelong work and memory of Martin Benka, and two prizes to graduates (of VŠVU or other art schools). Professional organisations and individuals can submit nominations.

The 2009 Martin Benka Price was conferred on Ivana Sláviková (for her whole work); on Zuzana Ludiková (for exhibition Renaissance); on Eva Kotláriková (for her thesis with the topic Lettioni date da me Vincenzo della Greca - Italian manuscript from Eastern Slovak Museum in Košice).

The Fund administers the following awards: