Tom Petrie (1831-1910) was the third son of Andrew Petrie who had been appointed on 28 August 1837 as the first civilian public servant, the Superintendent of Government Works, at the Moreton Bay convict settlement.

was born in Brewarrina, a small town situated on the Barwon River

the best known Estonian-birth painter in the world

James Bowman Lindsay, inventor extraordinary, was born 200 years ago in the village of Carmyllie, near Arbroath.

 A modern poet Nakahara Chuya, who contributed great achievements to the history of Japanese Literature, was born at Yudaonsen Yamaguchi city on 29th of April in 1907. He devoted his 30 years of life to make poems.

Some historians believe that Viola is the only white woman to have been martyred...

Anton Bernolák (born 3 October 1762 in Slanica, died 15 January 1813 in Nové Zámky) was a Catholic priest and founder of standard Slovak. He studied in Pressburg (present-day Bratislava), Trnava and Vienna, and in 1787 was consecrated as a priest.

Ľudovít Štúr (1815-1856) was the leader of the Slovak national revival in the 19th century and the author of the Slovak language standard which gave rise to the contemporary Slovak literary language.

Kenneth Loach popularly known as Ken Loach is an acclaimed English film and television director born on the 17th June 1936 in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England.

Елена Георгиевна Боннэр, врач по профессии, военный врач в годы Второй Мировой войны, с конца 50-х – начала 60-х годов принимает активное участие в Демократическом движении, у истоков которого она стоит.

Андрей Дмитриевич Сахаров, крупный ученый, специалист по атомной физике, был одним из создателей советской водородной бомбы.

Janna Tull Steed is internationally known as an authority on the sacred concerts of Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, composer and jazz orchestra leader. Her work with this material includes writing, speaking, consulting, producing, preaching, and singing.

 I've been a professional writer and lecturer my whole working life.  In this time I've consistently worked to develop new projects and produce innovative ideas.  My writing includes ten published books of my own and contributions to many more printed works.