Christo Botev' Cultural Association of Bulgarians and their Friends in Slovakia, Bratislava

Kultúrny zväz Bulharov a ich priateľov na Slovensku 'Christo Botev', Bratislava
Contact: Milko Milkov Head


Panská 9, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia
421 (0) 903 433822

The 'Christo Botev' Cultural Association of Bulgarians and their Friends in Slovakia is a voluntary association of Slovak citizens with Bulgarian nationality, Bulgarian citizens permanently residing in the territory of Slovakia and Slovak friends of the Bulgarian nation.

The mission of the Association is to preserve the national awareness and national identity of its members, as well as the cultural traditions of Bulgarian nation. The activities of the Association are independent from political parties and movements and it acts under the laws of the Slovak Republic.

The Association promotes its activities through a magazine called Roden glas as well as through media, cultural and social events, exhibitions and dance and music groups performances. It participates in organising trips, parties and friendly get-togethers for its members and friends. When organising various events the Associations co-operates with state administration bodies and local and regional municipalities.