Association of Rusyn Intelligence of Slovakia

Združenie inteligencie Rusínov Slovenska
Contact: Dr Michal Šteňo Statutory Representative
Ján Lipinský Executive Vice President
Telephone: 421 (0) 2 6531 6970


Pribišova 8, 841 05 Bratislava 4, Slovakia
421 (0) 6531 6970
421 (0) 6531 6970

Rusyns have been part of the indigenous population along the southern and northern slopes of the north-central Carpathian mountain chain for many centuries. Nowadays this territory forms part of four countries - Ukraine (Transcarpathian area), Poland (mostly Lemko region in the south-eastern part of the country), Slovakia and Romania (Marmarosh territory).

The primary objective of the Association of Ruthenian Intelligentsia in Slovakia is: (i) to organise people who, with their voluntary activity, contribute to promotion and application of civil rights of Rusyns in Slovakia; (ii) to organise people who keep their identity and Ruthenian mother tongue and with their activities help in education and cultural development; (iii) to co-operate with Ruthenian organisations which perform their activities abroad in exchange of experience in order to enrich their own working methods; and (iv) to organise mostly the intelligentsia from Ruthenian groups in order to fulfil the afore-mentioned tasks and to help them use their talents in the service for their people.