Living in Yamaguchi

Every foreigner residing in Japan must be sure that their visa type is in order, and should be aware of their length of stay at all times. Payment for all visas must be made by revenue stamp, available at post offices near every Immigration Office (the office will instruct you where to go). Where to apply for visas
Public transportaion in and around Yamaguchi City consists of the JR train line and the public bus system. How to use the bus
Places to find foreign language newspapers   (Some of these places also carry English language periodicals. Please contact them directly for further information):
Summer comes to Yamaguchi at the end of the rainly season (usually in mid-July)and continues through mid-September. The average daily temperature is over 25 degrees, with maximum temperatures reaching well over 30 degrees centigrade. Rainy Season and Mold
In recent years, the average daying temperature in the winter can fall below 5 degrees. The cold weather continues from December to later February. During the coldest period, temperatures may fall below freezing and snow can be expected. In order to keep warm and comforatble during the winter months, the following items are necessary :
The following is a list of various facilities offering their services at littleor no cost to the citizens of Yamaguchi. Times and services vary - please contact each organization directly for further information. Some locations are listed by number on the maps.