When You're in Trouble

In case of fire or injury, call the Fire Department for a fire engine or ambulance. In case of burglary or other crimes or accidents, call the police. Calling from a Public Phone :
Group Name(Languages Spoken) When in trouble, don't hesitate to call us. a)Yamaguchi City International Affairs Office }(English, Korean, Chinese) c)Yamaguchi Prefectural Government International Division (English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish) d)Yamaguchi International Exchange Organization (English, Chinese)
If you feel unwell and do not have the appropriate medicine, it is best to see a physician. Examination hours vary at each hospital, but are generally from about 9 a.m.,with a lunch break from 12 to 2 p.m. Examinations are not given at night of on Sundays, and national holidays. (Some hospitals are also closed on Thursday and/or Saturday
Most hospitals and treatment centers are closed nights and weekends. In caseof an emergency, please contact the Emergency Medical Center of the doctor or hospital on call (listed below). A list of the doctors and hospitals on call each month can be found in the first issue of the city newsletter distributed by