The Columnists

The Columnists was created to give established writers a new online venue where they could write what they wanted to write without concern for advertiser demands, demographics, censorship or any other restrictions upon their creativity except the normal requirement to not libel anyone. Most of the writers involved in this collaborative effort are retired newspaper columnists, feature writers or editors who wanted to continue reaching their large readership through the Internet. The work of our celebrity columnists is NOT ghostwritten and is entirely their own work.

The DARK CORRIDORS mystery section is entirely owned and operated by Ron Miller, though others may write for it.

The Columnists was organized as an affiliation of independent writers. Columns, articles or illustrations are submitted to the managing editor, who incorporates their work into future editions. Each writer has advance approval of the final content, style and presentation of his or her work before it is posted to this website.

Columnists, editors and other contributors receive no salaries, but are free to market their work elsewhere once it appears on this website. Freelance submissions are not accepted. Most new columnists who join the group are invited by current members of the staff. Writers interested in joining the group without prior invitation may contact us by using the Talkback email feature on this website. You will be asked to submit samples of your work, a biographical sketch and a resume of your professional background via email.