●Toyosaka Shrine
[sacred to the feudal warlord, Motonari Mori (1497-1571)]

 In 1604 the soul of Motonari was enshrined in the castle in Hagi (then the seat of prefectural government). In the Meiji Period (1868-1912), the divine soul was transferred to Yamaguchi (now the prefectural capital) and then was enshrined in the place on which this shrine now stands. It is said that when Motonari built his castle he buried, instead of a sacrificial human, a stone on which was carved the word of his teaching on bonds between his kin, “One Million One Heart”. The shrine contains as a treasure a copy of the word which was found in the castle ruins.Map

Toyosaka Shrine

●Historical Ruins and View
The Sesshu Garden of Joeiji Temple

 A monk painter, Sesshu, came to settle in the Yamaguchi town in the reign of Ouchi Norihiro. He built an atelier, called Unkoku-an. Later he went to Ming China to master the art of painting. After his three-years of hard study, he returned to the town. Ouchi Masahiro commissioned him to design a garden behind the temple, now famous as the "Garden of Sesshu". It is said that he arranged various intended stones in the garden, as if planting trees. The garden is one of the most outstanding cultural assets of Muromachi Period.

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●Poem Museum
Chuya Nakahara Memorial Hall

 The hall stands on the former site of the house in which the Japan's famous modern poet, Chuya Nakahara (1907−1937), was born. In the hall, which has been built in the image of a hat he loved, his works are on display, including the data and relics associated with him. Most attractive, in the hall, is the corner which is equipped with audio and visual sysytems to express the images of his poems.

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Poem Museum Chuya Nakahara Memorial Hall