Information office for lodging and sightseeing

●Yamaguchi City Division of Commerce, Tourism and Industry
2-1 Kameyama-cho, Yamaguchi City(753-8650)
●Yamaguchi City Tourist Association
Yamaguchi Station (second floor)
2-1 Sodayu-cho, Yamaguchi City(753-0042)
・Yuda hot spring
2-1-23 yudaonsen, Yamaguchi City(753-0056)
●Yuda Hot Springs Hotel Association
2-1-23 Yuda Hot Springs, Yamaguchi City(753-0056)

Yamaguchi City regular sightseeing bus

Yuda Hot Springs bus stop−Yamaguchi Station−Park Road−Kozan Park−Five-story Pagoda−Yamaguchi Satellite Communications Station−Niho Peak(view of steam locomotive)−Joeiji Temple's Sesshutei Garden−Clan Hall Gate−Kameyama Park−Yamaguchi Station−Yuda Hot Springs bus stop(time:3.5 hours)
●Departure time
8:40 a.m.(Yamaguchi Station:8:55)/1:40 p.m.(Yamaguchi Station:1:55 p.m.)
●Period of service
Every day from March 1〜November 30 (only one service leaving at 8:40 a.m. on Sundays in December and January 1〜3)
●Reservations required For further information
Yamaguchi City Transportation Bureau(Tel:083-922-2555)

 Steam Locomotive Yamaguchi

C-57 SL Yamaguchi has the nickname "The Lady" because of her elegant lines. Theantique compartments and crew's uniforms create a nice atmosphere. In spite of her elegant nickname, she blows smoke strongly and her whistle echoes through the mountains. She will excite the emotions of travelers. She departs at Ogori station on the Yamaguchi line and stops at Yudaonsen station and Yamaguchi station in Yamaguchi city, before heading to the last stop, Tsuwano station. She makes a round trip from Ogori station to Tsuwano station once a day stopping at Yudaonsen station and Yamaguchi station in Yamaguchi city.

●JR Yamaguchi line
Ogori station- Yudaonsen station- Yamaguchi station- Shinome station - Chomonkyo station - Jifuku station - Tokusa station - Tsuwano station(Takes about 2 hours.)