Around Yamaguchi

 Tourist attractions around the Yamaguchi City area

Akiyoshidai and Shuhodo Caves.●Akiyoshidai and Shuhodo Caves.

 Under the Karst tableland of Akiyoshidai spread Japan's largest limestone caves, Shuhodo. There is also a “Safari Land” nearby. Go Map


 Vestiges of a castle town float thickly in the air, with historical ruins from the Meiji Restoration scattered here and there. Go Map

●Omijima Island (Nagato city Home Page)

 The art in the form of craggy cliffs and gates carved into the cliffs of this island by the rough waves of the Japan sea, moves the visitors to this island. Go Map


 This town is called the little Kyoto of the Sanin (northern coast) of western Japan. It is an ancient castle town that exudes a relaxed atmosphere. Go Map


 Famous sightseeing attractions abound in this town, including the Hofutenmangu Shrine, one of the three most important shrines in Japan, and the Mori Mansion, known for its expansive garden. Go Map