Historic Spots

Flourishing Ouchi Culture

Rurikoji Temple's Five-story Pagoda

The Rurikoji Temple's five-story pagoda, the ultimate essence of Ouchi culture, was erected in 1442 to mourn the soul of Yoshihiro Ouchi, who fell in fighting with the Ashikaga Shogunate. The pagoda is 31.2 meters in height, and the eaves of each of its deep tiers curve gracefully from the roof. Few ornaments decorate the austere structure, often called one of the most charming pagodas in all of Japan. The figure of the pagoda backed against mountains replete with cherry and maple trees, is elegance defined.


Rurikoji Temple Museum

On the grounds of the famous Rurikoji temple, there is a museum. In the museum you'll see a one-fifteenth (1/15) scale model of the five-story pagoda which shows it's basic structure. You'll also browse through models of fifty-five other pagoda from all over Japan. In the museum, you'll find almost anything you would want to know about 5 story pagodas in Japan, through plaques, sign boards, etc.

Rurikoji Temple Museum
*Address : Yamaguchi City, Kozan-Cho 7-1
*Times : 9:00-17:00 everyday
*Prices :
Adult - 300yen
Junior High School Student - 200yen
Child - 100yen
(Discounts available for groups of 20 or more.)
*Phone : 083-924-9139


Toshunji Temple (Guardian Temple of Motonari Mori)

This temple was built in 1572 on the grounds of a castle in order to console the soul of Motonari(supreme ruler over western Japan) who had died of illness. As the castle was transferred to different regions, the temple also changed its location, and finally in 1863 came to its present-day site. The temple gate and the "Kannon" Temple hall were redesigned adopting the building style which prevailed during the Muromachi Period(1392-1573). They have been designated as important cultural assets.
Toshunji Temple