St Andrews

St Andrews is situated on the coast across the River Tay in the Kingdom of Fife, it is around a 20 minute drive from Dundee with regular buses available between the two locations.

The town is best known as the “home of golf” as it has one of the most famous golf courses in the world (although it is not the oldest golf course in the world as many believe).  There is a big golf influence throughout the town with dozens of shops specialising in custom golf clubs and various golf memorabilia.  There are also another 5 golf courses besides the Old Course that are located around St Andrews.

The population of St Andrews is relatively small and is actually mostly made up of students who attend St Andrews University (the oldest university in Scotland).  In the summer months students are replaced by tourists with the tourism industry the main source of income for St Andrews.

To accommodate the masses of tourists and also those attending special events such as the Open Golf Championship, there are is an excellent selection of hotels available.  Although the town is small in size there is a high number of luxury hotels, with the Old Course Hotel and the Fairmont being among two of the most popular.

There is also budget accommodation available with a number of bed and breakfasts around the outskirts of the town and also hostel accommodation in the town centre where you can get a bed for around £14 a night.

If you are not into golf there are other sites worth seeing in St Andrews, two of the most popular non golf activities are to visit the Castle and the Cathedral.  Both of these are at the north end of the town and a combo pass can be bought if you wish to visit both attractions.