Bars in Dundee

The is a massive selection of bar throughout Dundee with bars in all areas of the city, ranging from relaxing coffee bars to vibrant bars with live entertainment. It depends on what you are looking for when it comes to finding the right bar for you.

The High Street has a few bars, Loyds which is near the main bus station is a busy place at the weekends and often has special offers on shots and has a young crowd. Further up you will find Tickety Boos which offers a good range of beers and spirits and here you have more chance of a seat than Loyds, ideal for relaxing and having a conversation.

One of the main areas to go out in Dundee is the Nethergate region which runs up Perth Road. There are plenty of bars up this direction starting with a student favorite the Nether inn or the "Nether" to locals. Here you will find a big student crowd and cheap drink and food specials. For live entertainment try Drouthy Neebours further up Perth Rd, Friday and Saturday are the days to catch local bands.

If the weather is good then try Langs Beer garden, its the best and biggest in Dundee, from the deck you get a panoramic view of the River Tay. If you are looking for a special type of whisky then try the Speedwell bar at the top of Perth Road, they have one of the biggest selection of whiskies in Dundee.

There are plenty of other bars not mentioned such as The Social which offers some excellent cocktails and the DCA for the more affluent crowd. Many bars tend to change their name on a frequent basis so you may not find them if you visit a few years later.