Shopping in Dundee

Dundee is one of the top shopping destinations in Scotland with a large selection of shops which include many popular brand stores located throughout the city. The main shopping area is easy to navigate with the two main indoor shopping centers and also the High Street stores all in the city centre. The relative compact area makes it easy to navigate all the main stores in Dundee.

The two main indoor shopping centers are the Overgate and the Wellgate which are situated at opposite end of the High Street. The Wellagate Centre has three levels of shops and includes brands such as Argos, Zavvi and Jean Scene. The Wellgate has seen many stores relocated over the past few years and it is no longer the most popular indoor shopping centre in Dundee.

The Overgate was extensively refurbished in 2000 to and is now the most popular indoor shopping location in Dundee. It is situated at the south end of the High Street, close to the Nethergate region of Dundee. There are two levels and a host of top brands with an excellent selection of Clothing stores in particular. There is a large Debenhams at the back which is located over two levels and other top clothing brands such as Next and French connection also have shops in the centre.

The High Street runs between the two main indoor shopping centers and along the street are a range of stores including HMV and Waterstones.