Attractions in Dundee

There are a range of sights worth seeing during your visit to Dundee and you will find the majority of the attractions around the city centre area. If you are feeling energetic and the weather is good then you should try a trip up Dundee Law. It is to the north of the city centre and is well signposted. From the top you can enjoy panoramic views of the city centre, this is best done during the day as the area is less safe at night.

The main attraction in Dundee is the R.S.S Discovery which is permanently docked in the River Tay and it is opposite the railway station. You can get on the ship which is now more of a museum and learn all about the adventure of Captain Scott is his expedition to the Antarctic in 1901.

Next to the Discovery is the Verdant Works which tells the story of old Dundee, when the city used to be heavily invested in the Jute industry during the Industrial Revolution. If you plan to visit this and the R.S.S Discovery then you can purchase joint tickets which offer good savings.

The Science Museum was only built in July 2000 but it has quickly become a popular attraction for family’s and those who are looking for something fun to do. There are numerous interactive exhibits in the museum as the Sensation centre blends education and fun into an enjoyable learning experience. There are often special exhibitions on which change on a monthly basis, the Sensation Centre website has full details.

If you are looking for something free then the best bargain in the city are the McManus Collections. Here you will find a wide range of History, Archaeology and Natural History Collections from Dundee. It is situated in the city centre between the Overgate and Wellgate, one street up from the High Street.