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Dr Barbara BannisterDr Mary Ramsay
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Thanks are also due to the medical staff at the Department of Health and the Public Health Laboratory Service, particulary Dr B Evans, Dr A Nicoll and Dr Carol Joseph who read and commented on the text, Dr N Byrne, Dr C Conlon and Diabetes UK.

Emma Wilbraham, Jeff Porter and Julie Pettman masterminded production. Without them this revision would never have seen the light of day.

Thanks are also extended to the original contributors Dr A Bulman, B Carroll, Prof R Cartwright, Dr C Dow, Dr R Fairhurst, Dr J Porter, Dr J Sergeant and Prof D Warrell. Much of the information on disease risks is reproduced, with their kind permission, from the World Health Organization booklet International Travel and Health - Vaccination Requirements and Health Advice 2001, to which acknowledgement is made. Our thanks in particular go to the editor Mary Vallanjon.

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