• advance and rescue archaeological investigation in the Olomouc region and, if needed, outside the region, archaeological supervision over constructions
  • registration and documentation of all archaeological activities, sites and finds
  • keeping of finds during the time of their expert and technical processing
  • presentation of results of investigations to the public
  • lecturing on various archaeological issues
  • cooperation with other archaeological and cultural institutes in the Czech Republic and other countries

ACO also compiles territorial archaeological reports on various constructions and participate in compilation of documents on archaeological situations, which are necessary for realization of such constructions

Výběr keramiky

Blatec. Za Nádražím. Pottery from the earlier Iron Age (6th century BC)

Examples of significant finds uncovered by ACO:
- a “monoxyle” - carved wooden boat from the La Tène period, Mohelnice
- Greater Moravian cemetery nearby Olomouc
- remains of a Roman infantry camp in Olomouc - Neředín
Preparování slovnského hrobu

Olomouc-Nemilany, Na Kopci. Cemetary excavation, A skeleton grave from the period of Greater Moravia (9th century)

Rekonstrukce domu z doby bronzové

Olomouc-Slavonín, Horní lán. A reconstruction of a house from the middle Bronze Age (1,500 – 1,300 BC)

ACO conducts other archaeological activities: cooperation with investors and public authorities concerning preparation of constructions, aerial photography, fieldwork, laboratory treatment, registration and documentation of finds and their expert assessment, presentation of results to the public in a form of books, exhibitions, conferences, lectures, international cooperation, etc.

Archaeological mirroring

For both the expert and general public, ACO also publishes its own works based on investigations, experience of experts in related fields, and on advanced IT and GDM technologies. The objective is to achieve the level of works published by archaeologists in the European Union.