Our existing knowledge on the area of D47 is mostly based on already outdated data. The significance of archaeological research on the D47 construction site has already been proven by recent finds. The successful and completed R35 (Olomouc – Lipník nad Bečvou) motorway investigation has already shown the importance of new archaeological research in this area. This investigation surveyed 16 new sites of the overall area of 42 ha and recorded 6700 archaeological features and 250 graves.

Investigation of similar scope is now being expected on more than 40 selected sites. Other sites may yet be found. Future projects accompanying the motorway construction may also bring about further investigation.

At present, five sites on the D 4704 section were investigated and other two are now being investigated as well as on the D 4707 section. By the end of 2003, investigation will have started on five other locations, including expert supervision of 4708.2 groundwork.

First excavations started in 2002 on the D 4707 section on cadastral units Podhoří 1 (Z3) and Milenov 1 (Z6). In 2003 other excavations followed on Podhoří 2 - Milenov 2 (Z5) and Velká u Hranic 1 and Velká u Hranic 2 (Z7 a Z8). At present, excavations are being conducted on Velká u Hranic 1 (Z8/1), Podhoří 3 (Z4), Bravantice (Z15) and Josefovice (Z11).