Myjava International Folk Festival

Medzinárodný folklórny festival Myjava
Contact: Michal Maliarik Head of Youth, Culture and Sports


Kultúrny dom Samka Dudíka, Partizánska 290/17, 907 01 Myjava, Slovakia
421 (0) 34 621 3389, 421 (0) 34 621 2588
421 (0) 34 621 2588
Annual, 3rd weekend of June, 4 days

After more than four decades the Regional Summer Festival of Song and Dance, which took place in a small amphitheater of Slovan Hotel in Piešťany on the 3rd of June 1956, started to be regarded as the 1st annual Folklore Festival.

A milestone year for the festival was 1976, when the renamed festival under its new name of Western Slovak Folklore Festival was, for the very first time, held in the amphitheater of Trnovec in Myjava.

The importance of the festival, which is going on for over a half of a century now, is not limited only to the area of Western Slovakia, but it is irreplaceable also in national and international contexts. Under its current name of Myjava International Folk Festival () and Festival of Traditional European Culture it successfully took its position among the leading events in Slovakia focused on presentation of folk culture. Its acceptance as a member of the International Council of Organizations for Folklore Festivals and Folk Art (C.I.O.F.F.) in 1999 is a recognition of the high programmatic and organizational level of the festival.