International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra

Medzinárodný festival Divadelná Nitra
Contact: Darina Kárová (f) Director


Svätoplukovo námestie 4, 950 53 Nitra, Slovakia
421 (0) 37 652 4870, 421 (0) 903 554475
Annually, (last September weekend)

International Festival Divadelná Nitra is the largest theatre festival and one of the most important international activities in the cultural area in Slovakia. It is a selective, but non-competitive parade of the top European production focused on mainly the drama/play, susceptible to dance, music, puppet theatre and also the visual theatre. It selects the non-traditional, innovative and inspirational scenic theatre, it informs about the new tendencies and about the new names of the artists. It consists of the rich accompanying and working programme, it offers space to other types of art and to the representation of regional cultural activities. It is dedicated to the non-formal way of educating and working with the spectator.

The main programme will present around 10 productions from European countries (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Holland, Slovenia, France, Spain, Great Britain, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland and others) and 3 – 5 productions from Slovakia. The festival focuses on the very top, valuable and representative outcomes of the European theatre production. It informs participants and visitors of the festival about new tendencies and names of the performing art; it presents interesting outcomes of production, tendencies, it presents the contemporary personalities of the Slovak theatre It expands the cultural exchange, mobility and co-operation in Europe.

Selection of productions is provided in co-operation with a team of selectors and with the help of the group of consultants. Preliminary programme of the festival will be announced in June 2010. For more information follow festival´s website: .