Bratislava in Movement

Bratislava v pohybe
Contact: Miroslava Kovářová (f) Festival Director


Mailing address: 
Asociácia Bratislava v pohybe (ABP), Šancová 43, 831 04 Bratislava, Slovakia
421 (0) 7 5273 3819
Annual, June, 3 days

Established in 2000 and organised annually by the Bratislava in Movement Association, this international festival of contemporary dance has developed into a major event with several different activities and is recognised throughout the European community. In addition to presenting innovative contemporary dance productions, the festival initiates, commissions, and produces dance and multimedia projects, and organises practical workshops and theoretical conferences. An important aspect of its work is to educate the general public, enlist the support and participation of existing cultural institutions and engage the media. The high quality of its work has gained attracted authority and recognition at local, national and international level.