Literature Information Centre, Bratislava

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Literárne informačné centrum, Bratislava
Contact: Alexander Halvoník Director
Contact: PhDr. Daniela Humajová Head of Department Project Management


Námestie SNP 12, 812 24 Bratislava, Slovakia
421 (0) 2 204 73 507, 421 (0) 2 204 73 510
421 (0) 2 5296 4563

Literárne informačné centrum - logoThe Literature Information Centre was established by the Ministry of Culture with the aim of providing material and organisational support to literature written in Slovakia, its authors and translators. The most important duties of the Centre are: (i) to observe development in the sphere of literature in Slovakia and abroad, collecting and preserving documentary evidence concerning this development and creating a database containing relevant information; (ii) to promote the dissemination of Slovak literature abroad; (iii) to co-operate with cultural institutions, prominent personalities, translators and publishers abroad and to provide intellectual and material support for their activities connected with the dissemination of Slovak literature; (iv) to provide grants and stays in Slovakia to translators of Slovak literature, literary scholars and linguists with interest in the Slovak language; (v) to publish books and periodicals, both in Slovak and in the most important foreign languages; (vi) to organise literary events, conferences, seminars, symposia, critical discussions and meetings with authors and translators; (vii) to organise exhibitions of Slovak books at international book fairs and to facilitate the participation of Slovak publishers at these events; and (viii) to provide information on the Centre's activities to the general public and to government and other institutions.