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Contact: Koloman Kertész Bagala President
Contact: Peter Milčák Vice-President
Contact: Zuzana Godálová (f) Secretary


Mailing address:, P. O. Box 99, 810 00 Bratislava, Slovakia

OZ literarnyklub-sk - logoThe civic association is a follower of activities related to KK Bagala and Modrý Peter publishing houses, Literárna a kultúrna agentúra LCA (Literature and Cultural Agency LCA) and Román 2006 Civic Association (Novel 2006 Civic Association). Their long-term aim is to support and promote national literature creation. In cooperation with artistic associations and individuals, they are going to repeat authorial evenings Literárne kino (Literature cinema), multi-genre festivals Literárny circus (Literature circus) and most of all the series of staged performances Literárne soirée (Literature soiree) in different regions of Slovakia regularly. The club is one of the organisers of Short Story Literary Competition, Básne a Román. (Short Story Literary Competition, Poems and Novel). The civic association is responsible for websites and fosters activities promoting original literary and artistic creation. The civic association regularly informs about all their activities on the websites of the club .