Coarse Wood Chewers and Comminuters

The coarse wood chewers and comminutors judged to be sensitive are those species that feed in coarse woody debris in an advanced state of decay. The primitive bristletail Tricholepidion gertschi not only depends on fallen Douglas-fir trees in an advanced state of decay, but is also a myrmecophile that depends on the presence of certain carpenter ants (Camponotus spp.) (Atkinson, 1994). Trinemura sp. is a coarse wood chewer found at only a single site in California (Atkinson, 1994). The wingless wood roach, Cryptocercus punctulatus, is found under the bark of soggy fir logs and has a complement of intestinal flagellate protozoans that assist with digestion of decaying wood (McKittrick, 1964). Both bristletails, and probably the roach, depend on forest management practices that leave sufficient fallen trees in a suitable stage of decay, and do not change the thermal or moisture conditions of the forest understory (Atkinson, 1994; Briggs, 1971).

Order Acari

Epilohmannia undescribed species

Order Thysanura (bristletails)

Family Lepidotrichidae

Tricholepidion gertschi Wygodzinsky

Family Nicoletiidae

Trinemura sp.

Order Blattodea (roaches)

Family Cryptocercidae (wingless roaches)

Cryptocercus punctulatus Scudder

Order Isoptera (termites)

Family Hodotermitidae (rotten wood termites)

Zootermopsis angusticollis (Hagen)

Order Coleoptera (beetles)

Family Cisidae (minute tree-fungus beetles)

Cis maritimus (Hatch)

Family Lucanidae

Platycerus oregonensis Westwood

Family Cerambycidae (long-horned beetles)

Dicentrus bluthneri LeConte

Leptalis macilenta (Mannerheim)

Ulochaetes leoninus LeConte

Xestoleptura crassipes (LeConte)

Family Platypodidae (pinhole borers)

Platypus wilsoni Swaine

Family Scolytidae (engraver beetles)

Phloeosinus sequoiae Hopkins

Scolytus oregoni Blackman

Family Zopheridae

Phellopsis porcata LeConte

Order Diptera (flies)

    Suborder Cyclorrhapha

Family Drosophilidae (pomace flies)

Drosophila montana Stone, Griffen, and Patterson

Order Hymenoptera (wasps, bees, ants)

Family Siricidae (horntails)

Xeris morrisoni (Cresson)

Family Formicidae (ants)

Camponotus modoc Wheeler


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