Okinawa Reptiles

Ryukyu yama-game, Geoemyda spengleri japonicaRyukyu yama-game, Geoemyda spengleri japonica (National Protected Species)
A turtle of the marsh turtle family. Its distinctive feature is a rough serrated green shell. It is very pretty and has always been popular with people.

Kuroiwa tokage-modoki (Eublepharis kuroiwae)Kuroiwa tokage-modoki, Eublepharis kuroiwae (Prefectural Protected Species)
A genus of the lizard (gecko) family, it lives in the forests of mountains and lowlands. When it senses danger, it sheds its long tail.


Ibo-imori (Anderson's alligator newt), Tylotriton andersoni Ibo-imori (Anderson's alligator newt), Tylotriton andersoni (Prefectural Protected Species)
This amphibian of the newt family is about 16 cm. long with protruding ribs on the back. The Japanese name, ibo, comes from these ribs which resemble warts. Hasn't evolved for thousands of years and is sometimes called a "living fossil."


YELLOW MARGINED BOX TURTLEThe "Yellow margined box turtle" is a tortoise with a shell length of approximately 11-17 cm and which is distributed on Ishigaki and Iriomote islands. The shell covering its abdomen is divided into two parts and is connected like a hinge. When attacked by an enemy, it pulls in its legs and also closes the shells covering its abdomen. Because of its shape, it is called "ˆHako-game"(box tortoise). It is often found in swamps around mangroves and streams near the foot of the mountains. It hides under stones or fallen trees in the daytime and moves around looking for food such as earthworms, snails, fruits and tree-seeds after dark. It is not a good swimmer and almost never goes into the water.