World War II

During World War II, large numbers of troops were stationed in the Pine Rivers Shire for varying lengths of time; it has been estimated that over 50,000 men spent some time in the Shire in training or rest and recreation camps at a time when the civilian population was only about 4,800. As well as Australian troops, considerable numbers of American and other allied troops were also stationed in the area.

One detachment of 15,000 Americans, the 1st Cavalry Division, spent over six months at Camp Strathpine before being posted to the frontline in the Pacific.

The Shire also had three operational airstrips, the most significant of which was constructed in the area now occupied by Spitfire Avenue. Although several American and Australian squadrons occupied these airstrips at different times, they have become closely associated with the activities of the RAF Spitfire Squadrons 548 and 549.