Iriomote Island's Eco-Tourism

The Iriomote Island Eco-tourism Association was inaugurated on August 13, 1996, one of the first such organizations in Japan. It was founded to preserve the dynamic natural environment and culture of Iriomote while at the same time functioning to contribute to the local economy. It also hopes to serve as a venue for exchange between research and training organizations, thereby deepening appreciation and mutual understanding. The organization has various members from the tourism boats companies, canoeing companies, hotels and inns, diving businesses, and farms of the area.

At present, the members give lectures and each of the committees (Forest, Ocean, Environment, and Culture) that make up the association hold study and observation group meetings. They are also active in offering information about the ecology to schools and cooperate in environmental education projects. In recognition for their activities, the group received a commendation from the Minister of Home Affairs as a regional improvement organization in 1999.

There are numerous eco-tour packages of Iriomote Island such as canoe and glass-bottom boat cruises up the river mouths and back into the mangrove forests, trips into the virgin forests to see the island's waterfalls, as well as camping and snorkeling on the island. Try any of them to enjoy nature to the fullest.

  • Iriomote Eco-Tourism Association
  • Contact: Shoken Taira
  • Tel: 098-085-6331 Fax: 098-085-6331 or 098-907-1541
  • International callers: +81-98-085-6331
  • Address: 584-1 Aza Uehara Taketomi-cho Yaeyama-gun Okinawa, Japan