Higashi Village Eco-Tours

Higashi-son Eco-Tourism Association was established on May 31, 1999. It was the second eco-tourism association formed in Japan and the first in Okinawa Prefecture. This organization is headed by Higashi-son mayor Shigeru Miyagi with University of the Ryukyus Professor Emeritus Sadao Ikehara as environmental consultant, Professor Tatsuo Miyagi from Okinawa International University as regional development consultant, and Mr. Yoshikazu Azuma manager of the Okinawa Resort Co., Ltd. as consultant. The organization started with eleven directors from the areas of commerce and industry, farming, fishing, and administration and unites both government and private sectors within it.

The eco-tours offered in the area allow visitors to observe the nationally designated mangrove preserves. The tours feature canoe trips up the Gesashi-gawa River and observation of the mangroves as well as trekking excursions to see the mangrove and mountains of the area. The elevation of the mountainous areas is not very high but the views are spectacular of the forest below and the prefecture's largest dam.

There are 2 fulltime specialist instructors and 3 part-time instructors who offer their skills as guides to the area. Numerous workshops are offered to let you get to know the region well.

  • Higashi-son Eco-Tourism Association
  • Contact: Shinobu Nakane
  • Tel: 098-043-2696 Fax 098-043-2696
  • International callers: +81-98-043-2696
  • Address: 1036 Aza Arime Higashi-son Kunigami-gun Okinawa 905-1206