Banana Fish (Takasago or Gurukun)

Banana Fish

English: Banana Fish.
Japanese: Takasago also locally known in Hogan as Gurukun.
Geek Speak: Caesio diagramma.


    This is a brightly multi-colored, and beautiful fish are familiar to all Okinawan people. This fish inhabits the seas generally between the Okinawan Islands and the Indian Ocean. It can be caught throughout the year.

    The locals usually do this by driving them into large nets. This fish is also a favorite dish served in the Okinawan homes. This fish is also one of the primary ingredients for making kameboko which is a type of "fish cake" (for the lack of a better word), these fish cake products are used for everything from soups to.....

Banana fishesBanana fishes

 This colorful 25 cm fish is everyone's favorite. It is caught the year around and the catch increases year after year. It is Okinawa's most important fish product, mostly caught using the islands' own chase nets. One of the few fish species with large populations in Okinawa, it shows its on everyone's table. A hands-down choice as the prefectural fish. (1947 designation)

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