Brazilian samba music culture

Brazilian samba music culture

Samba music is very heterogeneous and it's intricate to define. It is the outcome of a long simmering mix of separate tradition from the Portuguese songs, African rhythms, and the fast paced Indian ceremony approaching worldwide influences. In the start it was played only with drums and other bass beat instruments, but later the acoustic guitar and the small Brazilian guitar cavaquinho was added.

The Instruments of Samba

The Repinique is the leading drum in a samba "bateria" (band of drummers)...

What is Samba?

Samba is the national music of Brazil. At its core, samba is a highly percussive form of music. There are many sub-categories of samba too, for example the popular Bossa Nova.  It could be said, however, that at its highest level, samba is the heavy-drum based music which is performed by Rio de Janeiro's Samba Schools during Carnival season (Samba Schools have many 'wings', the most important of which is the 'bateria' or drum-corps). In fact, samba music and Carnival are so historically and inextricably linked that one cannot explain samba without reference to Carnival and vice-versa.

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