The majority of tourists visiting Norway are firstly interested in what nature has to offer. From cruise ships, buses and trains, visitors to Norway enjoy the spectacular scenery of deep fjords, high mountains and the midnight sun. The Norwegian tourism industry primarily promotes Norway as 'a pure escape' and a place for outdoor adventures. Culture is an important part of what Norway has to offer, but is not always emphasised in general tourist information. It is therefore recommended that tourists with a special interest in cultural tourism use this site to find cultural institutions in the areas they want to visit.

On 1 January 2004 Innovation Norway took over the tasks of the Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development Fund, the Norwegian Trade Council, the Government Consultative Office for Inventors and the Norwegian Tourist Board. Innovation Norway offers products and services to help develop the regions, increase innovation in industry throughout Norway, and promote Norwegian industry and Norway as a tourist destination. With offices in all Norwegian counties and in more than 30 countries worldwide, it offers products and services aimed at all phases, from ideas to the finished product, and also facilitates access to services from other public organisations, such as the Norwegian Council for Research, the Norwegian Design Council and the Industrial Development Corporation of Norway.
Foreign tourist arrivals in 2006 reached 3.004,000, up by 3 per cent from the previous year.
Norway tourist mapA Government Declaration of October 2005 announced tourism as one of five areas where Norway had distinct opportunities. This was followed in 2006 by the launch of a National Strategy for the Travel and Tourism Industry, which communicated the Norwegian government’s priorities for the tourism industry for the years to come. Emphasis was placed on marketing Norway as a tourist destination domestically and abroad; enhancing competence and co-operation within the industry; and providing a framework that stimulates product development and innovation. The aim was to provide first-class tourism products.
Innovation Norway is currently aiming to boost growth in the Norwegian tourism industry by (i) increasing emphasis on building the brand of Norway as a travel destination; (ii) prioritising greater refinement of the Norwegian tourism product through future-orientated product and experience concepts, particularly emphasising shrt breaks and seasonal development; (iii) fostering innovation in current activities with development potential and innovative new businesses; and (iv) focusing on wealthier international target groups.
Based on this, Innovation Norway has chosen four strategic priority areas for the period 2006-2010: (i) revitalising round trips and base holidays; (ii) theme holidays; (iii) meetings, incentives, congresses, exhibitions and events; and (iv) short breaks. The aim is to attract a total of four million foreign tourists by 2010.