Life History

drawing of a pond with the head of a toad barely visible. Toad's tongue captures insect as it flies by.


Wetlands in the high mountain ranges of Colorado, Wyoming, and northern New Mexico are home to the boreal toad. The toads usually occur at elevations between 8,000 and 11,900 feet where it is verywet, like a streamside, shallow pond edge, or a soggy, boggy meadow. They need water especially for breeding!

Recently, field biologists observed that toads also use upland alpine forests. During non-breeding times they find toads in these alpine forests as much as they find toads near or in a wetland.  So for the boreal toad home sweet home is alpine forest and wetland. This information is very important, so that those making decisions on what land to protect for boreal toads will protect enough of the right habitats to ensure their survival.


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